Brown Raintree

Brown Raintree is housed within Raintree, a new commercial office space in Phnom Penh’s Central Business District. The clean, straightforward design matches the fast-paced banking and business environment. Large windows energize the space with natural light and the exposed ceiling creates a sleek industrial quality. The minimalist interior gives focus to a large white feature wall, which showcases large scale art installations from local artists. Attention was given to providing busy customers with a sense of belonging and rest. A large communal table offers a meeting place for food and drink, and a floating stainless steel coffee counter fosters meaningful interactions between barista and customer.

Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Project Type: Commercial
Services: Interior Design
Status: Completed 2016
Architects: Hok Kang

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Brown Coffee Raintree Interior
Brown Coffee Raintree Furniture