Our Team

After studying abroad in the United States, Hok Kang returned to Phnom Penh and founded Hok Kang Architects (HKA) in 2009. Chanritthy San joined as partner in 2010, following studies in Australia. From humble beginnings, HKA grew from a team of four, meeting in the back of a Brown Coffee and Bakery, to a vibrant team of 30 designers and architecture professionals with our own studio space in Raintree.


We believe every space contains endless possibility. We don't have preconceived ideas when we set out to design. We work, we analyze, we experiment. We step into each project knowing we're not the first ones there--that a rich history lives in old foundations. We strive to conceive spaces that are not only beautiful, but are also catalyst for change.To inspire others to design meaningful spaces.

We are fortunate to be part of the changing face of Cambodia and proud to be among the few that help set the design agenda.

Hok Kang & Chanritthy San