Aeon Landscape

Aeon Landscape

Location: Sen Sok, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Project Type: Commercial

Services: Landscape Design

Status: Completed in May 2018

Architects: Sophal Thim, Broseur Hann, Chhairath Thlang, Chansovannaroth Var, Hanifash Seur,

Aeon Outdoor Mall brings the experience of Aeon Mall outside. Three main focal points anchor the entrance and draw traffic from one end of the landscape to the other. The central focal point features artwork and sculptures, creating a dynamic backdrop throughout the year. Through these focal points, the landscape design creates a cohesive flow between outdoor stage space, shops and kiosks, a playground, large-form art installations, and green space. Trees provide natural shade for relaxation and gathering. The cobblestone walkway unites the design, which is comprised of an eclectic, contemporary palette of wood, terrazzo, granite, and marble. Portions of the outdoor mall space are covered by a foldable, translucent roof, providing shelter from the sun and rain.

Aeon Outdoor Mall Landscape
Aeon Mall Landscape