Brown Aeon Mall 2

Location: Sen Sok, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Project Type: Commercial

Services: Interior Design

Status: In progress, scheduled to be completed in May 2018

Architects: Chhoung Liv, Satya Seang, Sunheng Lek

Brown Aeon Mall is located at the new Aeon Mall in Sen Sok, Phnom Penh. The highly sculptural space is informed by momentum. A cascade of wooden strips appear to freefall from the ceiling, creating a focal point that draws the eye along the length of the cafe. The dark terrazzo floor grounds the space and copper accents bring warmth to the modern aesthetic. Sharp lines are softened by the roundness in the ceiling structure, pillars, and furnishings. A traditional merchandise shelf has been reimagined as a stationary desk, calling for friendly and natural interaction between customer and product. The feature art stretches five metres and is a visual representation of endless coffee field vistas, made from rusted metal and oxidized bronze to mimic the red soil and green coffee tree. Outside, boxes are exaggerated into the interior space, bringing nature indoors, creating a harmonious fusion of nature and architecture.

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Brown Coffee Aeon Mall Interior