Brown Roastery TK

Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Project Type: Commercial
Services: Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Design
Status: Completed 2016
Architects: Hok Kang

Brown Roastery TK, located in Toul Kork, is Brown Coffee and Bakery’s second flagship store. The space is a modern interpretation of a traditional Khmer wooden country home, reimagined into a gathering place. A sensitivity to materiality tells a story of daily life in Cambodia, by heightening humble items into works of art. Custom light fixtures made from chicken coops bring warmth to the vaulted timber ceiling. A repurposed silk weaving machine, transformed into a communal table, informs the space with a sense of heritage. Behind the coffee counter, a feature wall behind showcases artwork inspired by latte art, handcrafted from burned timber strips. The interplay of traditional design and modern finishes creates a warm overall experience, rich with story.

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Brown Roastery TK Interior
Brown Roastery TK Landscape Design