Embassy Central BKK

Location: Boeung Keng Kang, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Project Type: Residential
Services: Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Design
Status: In progress, scheduled for completion in late 2018
Architects: Hok Kang, Chanritthy San, Soksathya Pak, Sopagna Veng, Broseur Hann, Tara Whelan, Lyratana Lao, Sreykhouch Hout, Hanifash Seur, Sotheavy Hang, Seyharith Sarm, Sophornramy Ly, Monisreyroath Nun
Awards: Best Residential Architectural Design (High-Rise) 2016

Located in Boeung Keng Kang, Embassy Central offers a new paradigm in modern living to remedy the disconnect between urban living and the outdoors. A feature living wall spans nearly the full height of the building and the architectural facade is punctuated by a series of sky gardens. Residents can access outdoor spaces, including an outdoor pool. Nature carries into the interior, with plants infused into communal and living spaces. Human-centred design informs the suites, which are built for daily life in Cambodia, with ample storage space, an open-concept floor plan, and modern amenities. Senses are heightened in each apartment, through the use of varied textural elements on the floors and walls, high performance lighting, and the interplay of interior and exterior space.

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Embassy Central BKK Exterior
Embassy Central BKK Interior Design
Embassy Central BKK Bedroom
Embassy Central BKK Sky Garden Landscaping