HKA Office

Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Project Type: Office
Services: Interior Design, Landscape Design
Status: Completed 2017
Architects: Hok, Putchai, Chhairath Thlang

Hok Kang Architecture (HKA) is located within Raintree, a new commercial office space in Wat Phnom. The open-concept office is informed by HKA’s open-minded design philosophy that encourages creativity and puts people at the centre of design. The bright white, minimalist character of the space provides a blank canvas for creative thinking and collaboration. As is common in their designs, the office is full of materials that have been repurposed to express unique aesthetics beyond their conventional use. Geometrical storage systems provide a functional sense of uniformity and calm. Warm copper and timber details balance the concrete floors and white interiors, and plants and greenery are incorporated into the main space to highlight the importance of nature in daily life.

HKA Office Reception
HKA Open Concept Office Design
HKA Office Space Design
HKA Office Workspace Design