Treeline Urban Resort

Location: Siem Reap, Cambodia
Project Type: Hospitality
Services: Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Design
Status: Opening November 1, 2018
Architects: Hok Kang, Sophal Thim, Broseur Hann, Kananda Nath, Chhairath Thlang, Tara Whelan, Chansovannaroth Var, Hanifash Seur

Treeline Urban Resort, a new hospitality brand located in Siem Reap, is a gateway to discovery. The design alludes to the rich culture and history of Siem Reap and its 1000-year-old archaeological park, Angkor Wat, through the use of landscape design and traditional, locally sourced materials. Overhanging plants and vines offer shade and connection to the natural world. The blend of traditional design elements with modern sophistication informs guests of the interplay between heritage and contemporary context. The interiors articulate the juxtaposition of old-meets-new, where natural materials are paired with clean lines and modern design. Treeline’s most significant feature is its centre courtyard, a communal tree-filled space that boasts a wraparound art gallery and a large cascading water feature. Amenities include a rooftop pool and bar.

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Treeline Hotel Executive Suite Siem Reap
Treeline Hotels Junior Suite Siem Reap
Treeline Entrance
Treeline Lobby
Treeline Restaurant Siem Reap
Treeline Courtyard Siem Reap